Sunday, September 15, 2019

Top 10 places to visit in Australia

 If you ever plan to travel to Australia, you must get a clear picture of where to go and what to do, so that you will be able to see the country from all its sides.
Here are 10 places that must be in your bucket list before visiting the country-continent. 

1.    Whitsunday Islands, Queensland

It is actually an archipelago made of 74 islands, located in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef.
Just imagine, crystal pure water and white sand, what else can you wish for a good leisure time. If you are an active traveler, there are plenty of sport activities offered as well. Apart from this you will be offered plenty of tours of your preference.

2. Margaret River, Western Australia

The next spot that you may consider is Margaret River. The place has it all, There are over 150 wine producers, quite a number of breweries, perfect  beaches, gourmet food, coffee houses, chocolate makers, cheese factories, incredible caves to explore, amazing forests to walk through, adventurous mountain bike trails, breathtaken whale watching, surf culture, artists, and stunning landscapes.

3. Sydney, NSW

You will surely miss a lot if you travel to Australia and don’t visit Sydney city. It is considered to be the second capital of Australia. However many routes go through Sydney, so you will have a good chance to pass by and enjoy the vibes of the city. 
Even though Sydney is a quite expensive place, most of the best things to do are cheap, some are even free. 
You may walk across the Harbour Bridge, enjoy a picnic in the Botanical Gardens, have a walk around Circular Quay and admire the Opera House, take the ferry over to Manly with a chance to explore The Rocks District, and of course the best of the best, the Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach coastal walk.

4.  Byron Bay, NSW

If you are an adventure lover or an adrenaline seeker, this place will be perfect for you. Here you will find the best waves for serving, or even spiritual peace.
Many travelers visit this place for meditation or just to find the inner self.
Byron has the best sunrises and sunsets, it offers the best romantic walks.

5. Freycinet National Park, Tasmania

This park holds for you the famous Wineglass Bay, the Hazards Beach, Friendly Beaches, Coles Bay and this park has some of the best walks in Tassie. 
If you ever plan to visit this place, make sure you spend enough time to fully enjoy the best hikes, try kayaking, and take in the beauty of the Hazards.

6. Uluru, Northern Territory

Uluru is a spiritual heart of Australia. No need to rush while visiting this place, take some time to be united to the nature, feel the spot, enjoy the sunrises and sunsets.
You may want to have a camel ride, or even take a helicopter flight. Anything just to see the beauty and feel the spirit of Uluru.

7. Fraser Island, Queensland

If you are a hard-core diver and willing to see the other side of Australia, put Fraser Island on the top of your Bucket List. Its leight is for 123 km, and 23 km wide It is the largest sand island in the world dumped over 800,000 years ago from places as far as Antarctica when it was still joined with Australia. 
The island offers the best shores and the purest water for extremers and those who prefer to spend some time sunbathing. 

8. Melbourne, Victoria

The capital of Australia is the place to live. Annually it is ranked as one of the most liveable cities.
If you are a sports lover, the city offers the Australian Open Tennis, the Grand Prix, the Melbourne Cup, and the AFL.
On the contrary, if you are a city lover, you will be amazed with the variety of food and the best coffee you have ever tasted.
The city throws the best festivals and carnivals, has a number of shopping choices and awesome markets. 

9. Great Ocean Road, Victoria

Most of the bus tours offer just a day trip. If you have a limited time to spend in this place make Port Campbell National Park is the highlight. It is the place where all the amazing scenes are combined. 
However if you are lucky enough and own your unlimited time to be spent here, do not rush, take it slowly and enjoy the beauty of this magical spot.

10. Rottnest Island, Western Australia

Rotto as it is commonly called by locals prepared more than 60 spectacular beaches and bays and top spots for snorkeling, diving, kayaking, swimming and fishing for its visitors.
If you only have half a day make sure you visit The Basin and Pinky Beach. The best way to explore the island is to rent a bike, and make sure you don’t forget your camera!

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Once you get your eVisa to Australia printed, it is time to make sure that all is ready to travel. Here are some key points that you have to pay a good attention on:

1.    Passport

That is the most important thing for you while traveling. Make sure it is reachable and safe, as well as you ETA visa.

2. Tickets

Make sure you booked your two ways tickets and gone through the check in process 24 hours prior your flight. As some airlines offers the opportunity to reserve your preferable seat.

3. Luggage

As you know, it is strictly forbidden to carry in your cabin bag liquids amount of which exceeds 100ml per bottle. Therefore make sure to pack such things in you baggage bag, so you will not face any difficulties while checking in of your luggage.

4. Departure time 

It is advisable to make it to the airport two hours prior your departure time.

We hope that this information is helpful and guides you step by step through the most important points of your travel.

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Music Fests - Australia

Who doesn’t love music? Songs are everywhere, malls, restaurants, shops, roads and all over the world. Concerts in every country. The music industry is really unstoppable. To give you more facts, here is Australia with a lot of different music festivals all over the country. From A-Z types of music fest. Party mobs, sponsored shows and different famous and amatuer artists all over Australia.

You won’t miss this kind of iconic festivals. Travel to Australia and be a part of it. It is only a few clicks away. If you will apply Australia ETA Visa online, you need to fill up the application form online and input your passport details. Your travel dates will be updated as well, you may give an estimated date and the agent will email your visa status. Australia Visa Agent in Malaysia can be contacted by mail or phone call which can be found in the website.

Once your ETA Visa Australia online is approved you may now travel to the country and enjoy their music fests. There are few events coming in 2019 in Sydney, Australia. The Lost Paradise Festival it is a 3 day camp on December for New Year's Eve.

Electric Gardens that is too soon to be shared online for its 2020 event. Big names that hosts the perfect crowd even will be seen.

The FOMO Festival, this is a massive stage at Parramatta Park by mid January. All teens, couples, even young by heart is present in this big event.

Lastly, the Yacht Social Club, we all know that Australia has a big water body and yacht is in every bay. This one of a kind social club parties  is held over waters. With electrifying music and incredible mix of drinks. People here don't’ get drunk. They get awesome!

These are just a few of Ausie’s music offers. Find out more and travel now!