Thursday, August 1, 2019

Choose Canberra, Choose Australia!

Choose Canberra, Choose Australia!
Canberra, being the Capital of Australia is Celebrating Enlighten Festival every early of March. This annual celebration is lighting Canberra’s Cultural Institutions after dark. There is live music and films to be played and foods to buy. They called it Enlighten Canberra . 

Not only this, Australia also have Canberra Balloon Spectacular, perfect at sunset with Symphony at the park. A sky full of colorful hot air balloons. Relaxing to the eyes. If you will think of it, it's just in Canberra. One place with all these festive happenings. It is like you caught two chicken by one shot.

You are one way to be there and explore more of Australia not only the city.

Mostly, Malaysians can get an easy step to have Australia ETA Visa. From Australia ETA Malaysia, apply Australia ETA visa application. Once done completing the form you may contact your Australia visa agent in Malaysia. If you are just around the city you may go to their office and apply as well. Check their location and contact details at or you may apply Australia ETA visa online.

Australia ETA Visa allows you to travel to whole Australia until it’s border. It is valid for one whole year with multiple entry. You may stay maximum 90 days per entry if you are eligible to apply Australia ETA visa application.  The Australia ETA visa cost have express and regular which you may find in the website. 

If you are ready to know more about Australia, it's better knowing it by yourself. It is by visiting and seeing it with your own eyes. Once you receive your ETA Visa Australia, you may buy your air tickets and start packing your things. It is an unforgettable moment you will have flashback on when you get older. Don’t wait and don’t miss all this in your life! 

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